Recliners For Tall People – A Beginner’s Complete Guide

Are you tall? Or whether you’re overweight? Then some reclining chair just can’t provide you the relief you require. Everyone wants to buy a recliner to rest in, but not all are beneficial to big and tall men.

Being tall has many benefits but also some problems. One of the problems of tall people is buying the best specially designed reclining chair for tall persons and it is a challenge.
In a standard-sized recliner, tall persons don’t feel relax as they can’t get enough space to stretch out their feet.

The tall people over 6 feet in height won’t get neck or back support in traditional recliners.
Recliners for the tall people are specially produced with a tall backrest to fit the height of the tall person.

And such recliners can be utilized as a chair in the living hall or a bedroom also. Recliners for tall people will give a fabulous relaxing chair which will preserve you from irritating backaches that emerge from uncomfortable seats on a recliner that is not intended for tall people.
By concentrating on basic 3 points like:

  • Wide Seating Area
  • Tall Backs Size
  •  Weight Capacity

We have prepared a list of recliners for tall people with some reviews and ratings here. So take some time, go through the list and believe me you will find the best recliner chair here.

best big and tall recliners

Recliner Reviews:

  1. Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Lever Rocker Recliner with Padded Arms

Firmly added pads offer more comfortable and its size completely same as the king-size mattress, which guarantees that any tall person hangs on it easily. They are also best to use as office chairs. Some best features of it are:

  • Modern Look
  • Brown Leather Soft Upholstery
  • Plush Arms
  • Bustle Back Cushions
  • Rocker Recliners

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 2.Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair

It is a Heavy Duty Recliner with Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism.

  • It is best for the tall people and it’s an electrically powered lift mechanism could raise them easily and securely.
  • This recliner can access with a remote control to recline, sit and lift so you can keep it at any point in-between with comfort.
  • The strong metal frame provides this chair durability and toughness, and the elastic microfiber upholstery stands up to daily use in your home while delivering ultimate support.

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 3.Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Increase your comfort with the Yandel power lift recliner produced by Ashley.

  • The dual-motor capability provides you the option to recline back and raise your legs separately for more custom relaxation positioning.
  • Also, a button at the bottom offers power lift feature which smoothly helps you from the ultimate rest into a lift-and-tilt position to take you back on your feet, easily

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4.Lane Furniture Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wall Saver Recliner

This Stallion Comfort King Chaise Heavy Duty Recliner is specifically produced for tall people.

  • It gives the most comfort as a chair that gives a full-body recline.
  • The seat cushions and back cushions are connected which will restrict slippage in time.
  • Augmented high-tension coils make this Recliner chair long-lasting. It’s invented to carry over 350 lbs and can also hold up to 500 lbs.
  • In this recliner for a tall person gets the width of a king-size mattress which makes it suitable to him.
  • The length of back is 48” tall and its Hardwood frames which are built with mortise and tenon make it hold big men.

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5.Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner with USB Charging

This Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner is designed in a large size especially for tall people.

  • It has storage space in both arms area including a USB charging point.
  • For lumbar & thoracic support it has a high back frame and its holding capacity is up to 350lbs.
  • It has a built-in multi-setting dual motor gives a restful back massage
  • And it is running on a remote control.

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6.Sectional Sofa with Recliners

Sectional sofas are an excellent option to ensure that anyone who is a little taller will be pleased to have this sofa.

  • After a long day, everyone needs leg rests is and sectional sofa able you to stretch out your legs.
  • Sectional Sofa normally comes with wide seats which is the most suitable for tall people.
  • If you are looking for a recliner that provides you enough stretch out then just set it up and lie down completely.

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7.Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner

This large recliner is perfect for tall people and its features like deep armrests with pillow tops to give the best support, also you can carefully pull the tab to slide into a recline.

  • The seat cushions and back are connected and under the microfiber upholstery is high-resiliency foam for a seat that is covered with deep poly fiber, giving you with the ultimate in comfort.
  • This oversized recliner is available with a heavily padded backseat and arm cushions which provide you the comfort to rest for a long time.
  • As it’s zero wall mechanism provides it a complete setting facing the wall of your living room and the press back chaise will give you rest in perfect rest.
  • It is produced with soft microfiber as it would also ensure the most suitable seating you have always dreamed.

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8.Imperial Big Daddy Rocker Recliner

Big Daddy Rocker recliner emphasizes the NCCA sports logo and it is a high quality built recliner that is plush, suitable and the ideal size for the tall person in the home. Some features of it like:

  • High-quality soft leather upholstery that gives excellent stain protection and stability.
  • This recliner chair can rock and recline, which provide you more perfect rest.
  • The arms padded and the seat is very suitable.
  • Extra big size recliner can carry up to 350 lbs in weight.

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9.NHI Express Addison

This modern styled recliner from NHI Express designed with a tall back and extra-large size width for the tall people, or if you want a big size living room chair.

  • It is made from long-lasting and stain-resistant Microfiber upholstery.
  • It is the best recliner for back pain remedy.

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10.Round hill Furniture Oversized Spring Recliner

  • It is developed on a dual essence of both hardwood and stainless steel for best stability.
  • The easy lever recline mechanism allows you to choose your most suitable reclined position.
  • The padding feature consists of a blend of very precise coil springs, enclosed and wedged between layers of firm foam for the great support.
  • The arm and backrest are padded for supreme support.

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Apart from the list, Simmons Upholstery Aegean Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner is also one of my favorite products. It is hard to find a recliner which is a perfect match to your height and weight requirement.

Still, we have described the best that would be most suitable for the tall person. Choose one of these and review its points to decide if it will help you well.

Buyers Guide to Buy a Recliner for Tall People

While buying a recliner, we must have to admit the size of the recliner chairs and also the available area in your residence. Recliners which are specially produced for big and tall people have added comfort and durability, but they’re also usually much deeper and larger than regular recliners.

  • Room Area:

Guarantee to accurately estimate for the area which is needed when the recliner is stretched out to an absolute length. While going to purchasing a recliner, always focus on the exact size of the area where you need to put it. There is no basis of getting a recliner which does not fit your place.

So get the measurements of your room to guarantees you can simply get the specific number of recliners or recliner sizes that can get into the area available.

Recliners like teddy bear wall huggers are best for a small area but for tall people, extra-sized recliners are required. The recliners with exact size provide relaxed reclining without getting difficulties from the wall blockage.

  • Your Body Measurements:

This is among essential features when seeming for an extra-large recliner. For a person with average height and weight, there are numerous regular recliners available. And there are also few extra-large recliners.

Thereby, getting the exact size is a great idea. It will provide you the true figure whether you will fit easily in the recliner.

For an excellent option, prefer a chair that will give feet reach the ground while seated. Also, the head should fit well on the headrest.

Choose a recliner in which you can simply sit down and enjoy your time resting.

  • General Features:

Only the look of a recliner doesn’t matter if the inner structure of it is weak. To buy the best recliner, guarantee that the frame is powerful and strong. Levers should be capable to enable smooth execution to everyone especially aged, disabled or new consumers, the settlement should be easy.

    • Footrest: Always consider the footrest while buying a recliner for tall people. Several people need the manual recliner which can pull of a lever to enlarge the footrest. But some of the consumers including the old and anyone with movement problems might favor a recliner which utilizes a button or remote control for the footrest.
    • Lift Support: Also, some people might desire to lift support to resolve the difficulty of standing up from a sitting posture.
    • Massage Functions: On the other hand, also check that the seat has a massage feature to relax your body.
    • Flexibility: Moreover, check the flexibility of all joints to check that they are moving without creating a creaking sound. Especially check this feature in the recliners for sleeping to get restful sleep.
    • USB charging ports: USB ports assure you can simply enjoy charging phones and other devices while resting on it.
    • Cup Holder Feature: Cup Holder can be utilized as a glass or cup holder when needed. So you do not have to hold it while watching a movie or playing a game.
  • Material:

While buying a recliner, also analyze the materials inside and outside of the recliner. and ask some questions like:

    • Is the recliner wrapping soft, cold and easy to clean?
    • What kind of materials is used in it?

Also, standard padding is usually very suitable and some people favor the elasticity of memory foam.

Recliners are made up of in bonded leather or real leather, cotton, natural-synthetic fiber blends, or entirely of synthetic fibers that are easy to clean and fire immune.

A recliner chair is more than just a convenient area to sit. These recliner chairs also give a kind of therapeutic advantages.

Raising your legs and stretching your back relief ad decrease muscle stiffness.

Also, padding and memory foam help reduce stress on your legs, hips, and joints.

Hope our information about various types of recliners, their features, and other guideline and reviews will assist you to buy the best and most suitable recliner for tall people.

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