How to Stop Leather Recliner from Squeaking

How to Stop Leather Recliner from Squeaking

What’s going on here? You’re reading this and you want to stop the leather recliner from squeaking? It’s simple! Follow these steps and you’ll be free of your squeaky recliner problem.

The leather material is highly appealing and beautiful to the eye. In the world of furniture, it is also among the priciest materials. Your leather-based furniture needs to be maintained if you want it to last longer and keep its opulent appearance. One of the first indications that your leather recliner is worn out is when it starts to make that awful squeaking sound.

Such recliners may squeak for one of two reasons:

  • The leather itself might produce noise.
  • Noise is coming from the metallic building.

The part of your recliner that supports you may be the noise source. The most frequent cause of your recliner making so much noise is this. The two issues will be discussed, and we’ll explain how to fix them. We’ll begin with the noise that the leather itself might make.

From the Leather Itself, a Squeak

Although you may believe that leather rarely makes that squeaky sound, leather is quite noisy. If the leather is not of uniform quality, this is especially true. Your leather recliner could produce a lot of loud noises when you sit in it or move about while you’re sitting. 

As the leather material is still new, the leather may complain a lot if your recliner is brand-new. Once you begin to sit down more frequently, it will progressively soften. Sit in your leather recliner more frequently. It will progressively reduce the initially harsh roughness that new leathers typically have.

Here are some cleaning instructions for your leather recliner to get rid of that horrible sound:

  • To clean the leather on your recliner, use a moist towel.
  • Do not leave any creases as you dry your recliner. The leather on your recliner can deteriorate due to dampness.
  • Using a clean cloth, dab a conditioner onto the leather and rub it in circular motions.

Noise coming from the Recliner’s Metal Structure

These noises might not be very irritating, but I have to admit that if they are not fixed, eventually, the squeaks start to get worse by getting louder.

There are two basic causes for your leather recliner to complain. The alternatives are as follows:

1. The screws can be unsecured.

2. The recliner’s internal framework is dry.

In general, you can listen to where the sound is coming from if you’re not sure where it’s coming from. You will be able to identify the source of the issue when you repair your leather recliner. Let’s examine the two instances above to see how you can put an end to that bothersome rumble.


GREASING is commonly believed to be a solution to reserved seats, but this is not always the case.

The screws holding the recliner’s base together are a typical illustration. Turn the recliner over to examine the components holding it in place.

Additionally, check to see whether your recliner’s screws appear loose. Grab a screwdriver and tighten any screws you find, even if they appear in good shape. Anywhere you see a screw, tighten it. After turning the recliner around, sit down and listen to see if the recliner makes any noise. 

Many leather recliners have an unpleasant sound, probably due to poor delivery handling or prolonged storage without proper maintenance of the “new” recliner.

  1. THE LEATHER Recliner’s interior structure is dry.

Start by attempting to locate the source of the noise. If you want to investigate the source of the sound, you can turn off the recliner. Because the inside components are dry, leather seats, like other hardware and machines like cars, can generate noise.

Apply some greasy oil right away. I heartily endorse the use of sprayable oils. These oils are typically packaged in tin cans with thin, long plastic pipes connected, making it simple to spray them in difficult-to-reach places.

squeaky recliner

To stop your leather recliner from creaking, oil the following areas:

  • The tube supports your recliner.
  • Pipes that link to one another.
  • The pipe’s the inside portion.
  • Your recliner’s spring is finally located inside the recliner.

Keep in mind that the pipes holding your recliner can be very noisy. These people move around a lot. Oiling the pipes will therefore be helpful. Remember that the pipes are very likely to be made of metal. You need to make sure to lubricate THIS metal pipe.

A few of these metal rods are encased in rounded plastic cylinders for protection. To access your metal pipes, you must take off these coverings. Remember that rubbing oil on the plastic will not fix the issue.

Not the plastic components but the metallic portions must be thoroughly lubricated.

Several metallic pipes are linked together. These shouldn’t be forgotten, either. Grease the internal section and the joints. I like to disassemble the metal joints and oil the entire component. If the inner section of the pipe is not smooth, use a soft brush or cloth to rub some grease on the inside section of the pipe.

Let’s now discuss SPRING, the key component of a recliner.

The metallic spring is the part of your leather recliner that moves the most if the wheels are removed. It is most likely the last cause of that squeaky noise if you STILL hear it.

To stop your leather recliner from squeaking, lubricate the spring.

Important Tip For Preventing Leather Recliner Squeaking

  • Apply the grease outside your home if you plan to pour liquid grease inside your creaky leather recliner. Applying grease can be a messy affair. If the recliner is on the carpet, this could damage your floor. If you lack the means to leave the house, you can set your leather recliner down on some old newspapers and get to work.
  • The most crucial thing is to wait an hour before utilizing your recliner again.
  • If your leather is not authentic, it will probably dry out more quickly, which could be the noise source.
  • However, if the recliner’s bottom is where the noise comes from, you should be able to disassemble it without too much difficulty.
  • Make careful to wait an hour after smearing on the grease before using it again. Some grease may dry more quickly.

Final words :

There are several things you can do to fix a squeaking leather recliner. Good luck, and be sure to let me know if any of these methods were successful for you. I promise to pass along the good word:)