how to take back off lazy boy recliner

Most of the people are confused about how to remove back of a recliner. It is difficult for them to find out even if they have tried different ways.With this article, we updated in step by step manner procedure so that it will be easier for us all and you can follow easily without any confusion.

Transport furniture from one room to another or one home to another or across the country is a very challenging process. Recliner and power recliner which is a very large and heavy item can be very difficult to transport. Lift recliners and lift chairs put you at risk of back problems, which is the absolute last thing you want. Modern recliners, thankfully, have a detachable back that you can easily remove from the body and reattach later.

Some recliners are part of sofa seats, while others are stand-alone pieces of furniture. The backs of most reclining chairs and reclining sofas may be removed to make it easier to lift chair and transport the furniture. While the procedures are practically the same, some minor variations are depending on the furniture manufacturer. Some contain thumbscrews, locking tabs, or clips that must be removed before the back may be removed.

Common types of recliner backs

There are three recliners types:

  1. Locking Levers
  2. Bolted on Backs
  3. Locking Tab or Catch

 Locking Levers

These are also available on some recliners. They may be found in the back of the recliner, on the sides. You must slide the recliner brackets and position the brackets to the locking lever if you wish to remove them. Flip it back to its normal position to lock it.

Bolted on Backs

Although bolts are not commonly used in recliners, certain backs do have them. They’re kept in place by fastening them to the seat’s “posts.” To take them out, just unbolt the back after lifting the panel that uncovers them.

Locking Tab or Catch

When it comes to metal locking tabs, they are securely fastened and hold the back of your recliner in place. If you want to get rid of them, you’ll need to seek the help of others and a screwdriver. You use your tool to remove the chair as others grab it. When you slide back on the recliner’s back a catch snaps or automatically locks into place. Lazy Boy recliners are particularly common to this.

What Is the Best Way to Ahead Plan

📏 Measurement

It’s necessary to determine the size of your recliner. It will support you in gaining a better knowledge of how to effectively set up the chair in your new location. It’s also a good idea to measure it to see whether the chair will fit correctly.

How to Remove the Back of a Recliner

 Common method Recliner Step-by-Step Guide

  • To ensure that you have appropriate room to operate, move the chair to an open area.
  • Accessibility is important. You should roll the chair onto its front to make removing the back easy.
  • You’ll need to remove the tape that holds the fabric or leather in place once you’re on the front. To do so, look for loop-and-hook tape.

how to remove the back of a lazy boy recliner

  • Pull the leather or removing the fabric away from the chair with care.
  • Continue removing and folding until the mechanism of the chair is visible.
  • Begin look for the metal tabs around the lowest point of your recliner and close to the recliners arm if the mechanism is visible. If there aren’t any, look for thumb screws near the lowest point of your recliner and close to the recliners arm.

recliner assembly instructions

  • You’ll need a flat-headed or regular slotted screwdriver to remove the screws; after you’ve found them, just turn them counter-clockwise and store them somewhere secure.
  • To securely unlock the mechanism on metal locking tabs, just grasp the tab and press firmly the recliner forward while pulling the bottom of the recliner

how to remove back of lazy boy recliner sofa

  • Once the mechanism has been freed, you may securely remove the back by pushing straight up.
  • If you’re having trouble detaching the back from the brackets, you can move your recliner from side to side. If there is any roughness, this will gradually help to eliminate the back.

Here are some easy steps of removing the different backs recliner

Recliners with locking levers

  • To begin locking levers on the reclining chairs, you’ll need to get onto the back of your leather recliner chair or leather sofa. To do so, press the chair or sofa forward to reveal the back.
  • Find the strip linked to the locking levers by lifting the panel that reveals them. After that, strip it down to find the snap.
  • The following step is to locate the locking levers. Located the locking on the sides and back of your chair, as previously stated.
  • Your reclining sofa’s seam between the seats and the center console should also be examined.
  • The metal tab is commonly used for locking levers. A screwdriver can be used to loosen them. Place the chair back in its original position and separate the back from the frame once each lever has been disengaged or opened.
  • Your recliner’s back has been successfully removed.

Bolted-bar reclining chairs

Remove steps to the back of a recliner with bolted bars is as follows:

  • If the back of your chair has bolted bars, flip it over to find them. Unbolt them one by one with a drill after you’ve spotted them. Ensure that the drill is fitted with the appropriate bit.
  • You’ll need the assistance of a third party to remove the base bar. The second guy must use his hands to keep the chair firm as you uncover it. It keeps your tools from rolling away or being damaged.

Locking tabs on reclining chairs

  • When it comes to recliners with locking tabs, the tabs, as previously said, automatically lock into place.
  • If you wish to remove the back, first loosen the tabs using a screwdriver.
  • The back is generally loose after sliding. You must first remove the bolts from the back brackets. Then tighten them up.
  • Keep your grip on the locking tabs when removing the back itself. The pressure you apply must cause the tabs to go forward when you apply them. This, in turn, causes the chair’s back mechanism to be unlocked.
  • The back of the chair may then be lifted off and moved away.

There is a variety of recliners like lazy boy recliner, power recliner, massage recliners and they are very important in today’s lifestyle and most people have this at their home. Knowing how to remove the back of a recliner makes it simple to relocate your furniture from one location to another. It also aids in the protection of your couch by avoiding damage and ensuring that it lasts longer.